32-Bit Valentine Cafe

♡ February 5th - February 12th, 2024 ♡

Love belongs on the web!

The 32-Bit Cafe celebrated Valentine's Day by hosting a week-long event to spread love and whimsy across the world wide web. Below, you'll find a collection of valentines and webpages full of joy and laughter, submitted by members of the community. To everyone who participated in the event, thank you so much! Happy Valentine's Day!


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Lots of Love
Hope my favorite grandchild doesn't have to spend their Valentine's Day alone this year! LOL, Grandma
XOXO,Coby Cat
Happy Valentine's Day!
Your message here: 1 milk, 2kg potatoes, a shovel, fool's gold crucifix, + if cheap, green apple(s), 3 tomatoes!!

roses are
redviolets are blue

you are so cool, and your website is too!

Pixel art of a rose in front of ones and zeroes.
var site = window.location.href; if(site == '32bit.cafe') { print 'Happy '; print 'Valentine's '; print 'Day!'; };
Graphic design is my passion
that your graphics ignite!
Love You Pixel art teddy bears
For you! Call me! I love you! 2 peas in a pod. You're the hip to my hop.

your 88x31 is missing from my heart

join my button wall and be my valentine? ♥

I LOVE MY PUTER Rapidly spinning desktop computer
yaaaay haha we are on the computer together Smiley faces bouncing up and down. Monkeys holding hands in a circle and spinning.
i know html...
how to meet ladies
hypertext markup language

Happy Valentine's

Have a wonderful day!

                    /  \
                    \  /
                 _ /
       _\|/^  6
        (_oo /
       \ |
        /   L


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Thanks again to everyone who participated! You make community events like this possible.

Thank you to the event planning team at the 32-Bit Cafe! Xandra, Jay, Hermit, Solaria, Lost, and Yoona, thank you for your feedback and support!

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