32bit.cafe Community Code Jam #2

theme: "CHARACTER"

2023.08.20 - 2023-08.26

Entries are listed in alphabetical order. Links are provided to the author's URL, which may have changed since the event period. An archive is available for download (61.3 MB) that preserves the pages as they were shortly after the jam dates.

Submitter Entry
armaina Talon: Drawing Guide/Details
Azure "Where's that damn fourth Chaos Emerald??"
Coby Cat Royal Boch — Coby Cat's Abode
Divergent Rays Cistercian Numerals
Jack Picrew
Lost Letters Tamagotchi
Mizuki angel without wings
mysteryslug Mystery Characters
Rodrick 'RodFireProductions' Refmine
SkittlesBeats Blueprints / Sitemap
wodaro SOREN
Zero The Tower

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