32bit.cafe Community Code Jam #1 Submissions

"That Special Thing Close to My Heart"

Create a page for your fleeting interests

2023.07.16 - 2023-07.22

Entries are listed in alphabetical order. Links are provided to the author's URL, which may have changed since the event period. An archive is available for download here (81.4mb) that preserves the pages as they were shortly after the jam dates.

Submitter Entry
alexandra an ode to the old web-based text adventures
aster aster's asterisms!
Azure Brisket Guilty Gear as a trans icon
Caracabe The Blazing-World of Margaret Cavendish
chaosgoat Goat's Desert
Divergent Rays Government Cats and Riot Dogs
fLaMEd Now Page: Automatically Syncing My Now Pages
glitchlynx Glitch Lynx
Jay My Chemical Romance!!
qrunchy Sonic Adventure is a cool game
rosemary hillhouse hill house - pacific rim!
Shannon Kay 2003