32bit.cafe Community Code Jam #1

"That Special Thing Close to My Heart"

Create a page for your fleeting interests

2023.07.16 - 2023-07.22

What is it?

For 7 days, we will come together as a community to work on our webpages. Inspired by https://sundaysites.cafe/, we wanted to start hosting fun, casual coding events for the 32bit.cafe community. Each month, we'll come up with a prompt, then we have one week to dedicate a few hours to creating something that relates to the prompt. There is a dedicated discord channel for folks to share their progress, ask questions, and present their final work.

Event Times

Starts midnight, localtime, on July 16th, running through 11:59pm, localtime, July 22nd. This is arbitrary and loose, but try to keep it within this window!

I don't have a site. Can I still participate?

Yes! This is a great opportunity to create a homepage, and a week is a good amount of time to get started. There is a guide to creating your own website here: https://32bit.cafe/cyowebsite/


Submit a URL at the end of the event period. Be sure to include how you'd like to be credited for the creation (username, link to site, etc.) if you want it to be attributed. A page will be assembled to compile all submissions. An archive will be made available after a short while for offline use.

Submission window for this jam is closed - thank you! - View the entries