32bit.cafe Community Code Jam #4: Destination Vacation

What is it?

All aboard the 32-bit Cafe Community Code Jam train! Our next stop will be determined by you, and we can't wait to see where you'll take us. Will we be headed to a serene digital oasis, a journey of self-discovery through a game, or a cozy corner of your website? There are limitless possibilities for where we could go, and the theme is just intended as a jumping-off point to spur creativity — please interpret it any way you wish. You are encouraged to fit the theme into your page somehow, in your own unique interpretation on your website.

View the entries here!

Event Timing

Started midnight, localtime, on June 7, running through 11:59pm, localtime, on June 21. This is arbitrary and loose, but try to keep it within this window!

“I don't have a site. Can I still participate?”

Yes! This is a great opportunity to create a homepage, and two weeks is a good amount of time to get started. There is a guide to creating your own website here: 32bit.cafe/cyowebsite


This event has ended, so we are no longer taking submissions. Keep an eye on the 32-Bit Cafe news page for announcements about our next code jam!